Hamburg parks in rain are even prettier, planten un blomen

hamburg parks

Hamburg parks in rain are even prettier, planten un bloomen


Strolling trough the town of hamburg is usually always an experience on its own, there are so many things for you to discover everywhere. is it architecture, is it theater, opera, other cultural activities. but rarely hamburg is known for its green spots and park areas. but even there hamburg has a lot to offer you that you should have seen. from Stadtpark in winterhude to the grave yard park in Ohlsdorf a little bit more outside of hamburg. but this one here, the planten un blomen park in the center of the city is very special. with its walk ways and flowers coming quite close to the central park in new york. this picture was taken during a very rainy time in hamburg, yes hamburg is often rainy…

but i think the drama and scenery still come out pretty good there too….

have a nice day!

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