yosemite national park waterfall, trip to the us in 2012

Waterfall in yosemite national park, trip to the us in 2012



during a trip to the US, i had the chance to stay close to Yosemite national park in 2012.
we have spent two days there, at first i was very unhappy because it was foggy cloudy and rainy all day long.
and i had a pretty hard time getting used to the environment to take some pics there.

but after a while it really felt like i had started to get the charakter of the park and it felt like we have become friends.
i could almost read that new friend and how it felt and behaved.

thats when i understood where to look at to find the true beauty in it.

today id like to share this picture with you, its one of many from these two days, but this one shows to me the most charakter of the park.

Enjoy your day!





Berlins Station 6, train stations at night.


Berlins Station 6, train stations at night.

Hello Everybody,

i took this picture quite a while ago.
it show berlins plattform 6 at the main station.

its a very beautiful place to be, its quite cold tho, but still very pleasing to the eye.
i am a rather colourful photographer, and i rarely take bw pics.

but when i do and then also release them, its almost always a very special picture to me.

and so is this no exception either.

i hope you guys enjoy it, and also your day.

have a good day you all!!