Paris Louvre Great Entry Door Snap

Yesterday i had some time off in paris.
Unfortunately i only had my iphone with me and not my canon 5d.
but due to the incredible things that you can do with modern day apps and a small piece of plastic and alluminium you can create great things on the go.

I’ve used Hipstamatic for taking the picture.
it has many tools that make sure your pics will always look great and appealing.

And then ive taken Pixelmator – Pixelmator Team to make some of the edits that i need to make to turn it out like this.

If you consider getting Pixelmator, which i highly recommend because its a very powerful tool and often does the work for me that photoshop usually does, i have many tutorials about how to use Pixelmator, here and on my youtube channel.

take care and may you have an awesome day too!




The perfect flower bouquette

Good Morning Everybody!

I’ve just finished editing this macro picture of a flower i shot at a show the other day.
I thought i share it here with you.
May you all have a nice day!
I was listening to the new Sting album that you can find below while editing, in the morning i always feel like i need strong and driving music to get myself running.

Take care everybody and see you later!

How to Create a “Relax and …” Image for yourself. with Template HD

Hello fellow friends and photoshop lovers,

i have created a template preset for the famous relax and … look with the crown that everybody knows and loves and uses, i dont know why it got so hip.

But anyhow, here you go!

Just for you to download and edit it to your liking!

Hamburg parks in rain are even prettier, planten un blomen

Hamburg parks in rain are even prettier, planten un bloomen


Strolling trough the town of hamburg is usually always an experience on its own, there are so many things for you to discover everywhere. is it architecture, is it theater, opera, other cultural activities. but rarely hamburg is known for its green spots and park areas. but even there hamburg has a lot to offer you that you should have seen. from Stadtpark in winterhude to the grave yard park in Ohlsdorf a little bit more outside of hamburg. but this one here, the planten un blomen park in the center of the city is very special. with its walk ways and flowers coming quite close to the central park in new york. this picture was taken during a very rainy time in hamburg, yes hamburg is often rainy…

but i think the drama and scenery still come out pretty good there too….

have a nice day!