Colour statement, Photo of Smögens Iconic Boat houses.

Boat houses are smögens most interesting pieces for the eye. theese ones especially are the most iconic ones.
this is the perfect Photo for card motifs, or travel Cards. Or Even calenders.

The Photo was taken with this Lens.


See my review for this lens here: Review.


Here you can buy this lens, im very very happy with it, and almost feel like i just needed this one after a long long search for a macro lens.


Wonderful Lighting in Old haarlem town

i shot a beautiful picture of old haarlem town. my friends and i,had such a great timeby the river.
We really enjoyed the atmosphere there. time-by moment became magical.

i used my iphone 6 to capture this moment. I later edited with Adobe Lightroom to get the lighting even more intense.

I just absolutely loved the mood in this situation. Im very sure that i’ll be always remembering this special moment for forever. Spending it with good friends and having a nice relaxed time.

Im stunned everytime when i see the pictures  that an iphone can process.

Often im just taking a quick snapshot with my phone rather than with my canon. Because it is just quick and easy. And i know that the quality will be stunning.