The end of summer, celebrate – go out.

End of Summer...

is approaching us with very large steps now, you can even feel it in the evenings the winds get colder and its getting darked much much earlier. Let's all celebrate theese last days of the summer of 2016. and go out to have a nice new day with fresh air and some sun. This is my view from my appartment in Berlin im living in, and i totally got this feeling right away when ive opened the door to get the nights air out to replace it with some new and fresh one from the fresh morning. Have a good day outside everybody!
season change

Berlins Station 6, train stations at night.


Berlins Station 6, train stations at night.

Hello Everybody,

i took this picture quite a while ago.
it show berlins plattform 6 at the main station.

its a very beautiful place to be, its quite cold tho, but still very pleasing to the eye.
i am a rather colourful photographer, and i rarely take bw pics.

but when i do and then also release them, its almost always a very special picture to me.

and so is this no exception either.

i hope you guys enjoy it, and also your day.

have a good day you all!!