The Ultimate Pinterest Guide

The ultimate Checklist to Pinterest Success

today i sat down and currated a list of my knowledge about pinterest and how you can seriously grow your business with it.
this is an easy checklist to see on which things you will have to improve upon.

this guide comes also in a pdf version that is ready to be prited, you just need to sign up with our site and you can download it from the members area.

I hope you gonna have fun with it and that it helps you alot, like it has helped me.

Free Pinterest PDF Checklist

How to Create a “Relax and …” Image for yourself. with Template HD

Hello fellow friends and photoshop lovers,

i have created a template preset for the famous relax and … look with the crown that everybody knows and loves and uses, i dont know why it got so hip.

But anyhow, here you go!

Just for you to download and edit it to your liking!

Shutter Rendering created in Cinema 4d


Shutter Render





Just a couple of weeks ago i was asked to do some rendering works for a sports band in new york.

we have setup a meeting and talked about the job.

what they wanted was a object that could be 3d printed and also rendered in video form.

that totally looks mechanical at first sight.

but on the other sight it needed too look organic almost smooth in shape and form.

Almost feminine was needed.

Cinema 4D was the tool that i knew had som crazy good tools to clone in circular fashion and repeat the

objects in steps and steps all over again.

This is the final sculpture that i came up with for the client.