Walking along the edge of Darkside and Lightside

Tallinns Lightside Darkside Walk

During a visit to the town of tallinn, for a festival in the summer i had the chance to stroll the town and take some pictures.
the weather was nice and sunny, with a little bit of dramatic clouding that you really want for your pictures.

While i tried to get some nice pictures out with my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens, i noticed that it was a little bit too close for the massive architecture tallinn has to offer.


Before i switched the lenses to my Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM, i came across this square here. it took me a couple of shots to find out about the angle that you have to get at, to bring out the secrets of this place.


But after i had this 45 angle to the stairs going upstairs, i really started to like this architecture, structures that appeared. The women that was walking her path to the lightside, she bugged me alot, at first i tried to Photoshop her out of it, and i cant tell you enough how much i’ve tried.


But then after a while i just saw it, she is exactly perfect where she is. it almost has a philosophical approach to it, when you really take a look here. Just start to see it this was, in life you have descissions to make, mostly for all your life, and with every one of them, its very important to keep the balance of good and bad. your own balance.

She walks her way as well, see how she walks along the way that is exactly angled differently to the left side and the right side, thats your way. It will be different, it will be another way. but it will be your way, as this one is her way now.