5 spots you have to see in Tallinn Alleys,



5 Spots you Should not have missed during your visit to Tallinn


A recent business trip took me to Tallinn, the wonderful capital of Estonia.

I found alot of off time during my stay and so i took the chance to take a couple of pictures here and there and to visit some spots.

here is my top 5 list of places that you should have seen, that id really like to recomend to you to take a look at when you are around this area.








“wonderful view of Tallinn old town”

The small streets are a little tricky to walk around but it is not difficult to find Patkuli. There are only a few lookout points on the hill, and you will meet them only if you make a circle…








The Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin in Tallinn
(also known as the Dome Church) was first mentioned in records in 1233. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary seven years later.

Worthy of attention inside the church are the gravestones from the 13th-18th centuries and the coat of arms epitaphs dating from the 17th-20th centuries.

The most famous people to be buried in the church include renowned Swedish military officer Pontus De la Gardie; his wife, Swedish King Johann III’s daughter Sophia Gyllenhelm; Admiral Samuel Greigh; and Admiral Adam Johan von Krusenstern – the first man to lead a Russian round-the-world voyage.


Toompark is on the west side of Tallinn’s old town, in a ditch which was dug in the 1760’s. Snelli Pond was later added in the 19th C by a Swedish Gardener. It is a pleasant place to walk during the day. You can get great photos of the city walls and a stairway leads up to the popular Patkuli Viewing Platform.






Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and a perfect holiday destination if you want to combine the comforts of modern world, versatile nightlife and luxurious adventures with
First established in the early medieval era, today’s Tallinn is an exciting mix of old and new. Here’s the good news: with Tallinn being such a compact, green capital, you can cover a lot in just a weekend and enjoy short scenic strolls while at it.
 The Church of the Holy Spirit that was built in the 14th century is one of the oldest and finest structures in Tallinn. Before entering the church, take a look at the façade, where there is clock that has been measuring time since the 17th century. The treasures inside include a unique altar created by Berndt Notke in the 15th century and the pulpit built in 1597. Closed to tourist during services.