Iphone7 photo shooting, Rose in Summer.

Rose in the Summer

I took a photo shooting yesterday to try out the new iphone7 Photo capabilities.
I was very impressed by the picture quality of the iphone 6 already and i knew that the improved the Picture quality of the iphone7 even more.
Now that they included raw photography within the IOS10 i was keen to find out what it holds in store for the more professional snapper.

Be sure to stay tuned for our full iphone7 review as the iphone7 plus becomes available on this site.
We will be comparing both of the cameras at the same time and figure out if it is worth the extra bucks to go for the plus, judged by a photographers standpoint.

I can say that i wasn't impressed by it. as of now i only tested the iphone7, where the iphone7 plus has the way better camera, but it is as of now out of stock at apple.
You got to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for the Iphone as the official camera app does not let you take pictures in raw quality.
but as many of you already may know, i am a big fan of Lightroom for iPhone anyway, so i was happy to use it and to know that adobe is that fast and good with updates that they directly have it available when apple announced the raw feature.
Stunning job Adobe!

For the editing i choose Pixelmator by Pixelmator Team, its a software that i very often use for my image edits that i got to make.
Pixelmator does a very good job when it comes to small and medium photo editing. I try to take my pictures in a fashion where i wont have to make many adjustments in the first place anyway, so that this tool cover 60-70% of the work that i usually would ask photoshop to do but can do it right away on the go while i enjoy a good espresso and the shining sun.

I thought about making a couple of tutorials about the photo editing tools that im regularly using and upload them to youtube and my facebook account, so that you can get easier into the work with the tools.
Which of the tools would be the most requested ones, or to which Apps would you like to have tutorials for?
My most favorite ones would be, Pixelmator, Enlight and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPhone. Theese, therefore, would be the ones that i would be starting to go for.
But maybe you guys can suggest me other apps that you like and would see some in depth look into as well.

Anyhow, enjoy your day and this sunny tuesday!

Take Care and see you soon!

season change

Season change to the life of a rose

Good Morning...

...flowers are some of the prettiest things that we have in our gardens that we almost see every day but never lost the admiration and the desire to over time. usually this happen quite fast and often to us humans. but somehow flowers have sneaked their way into our lives, and we always tend to get very happy when we see them. this one i was able to get in my parents garden while i was on a visit to their place.
season change

Be that one person…

used media in post

Whenever somebody...

...tells you that you cant to what you really aim to want to become, take that free fuel and become just that person. Who Ever told you that you cant do something is just too scared of changing their life and have to admit that they where not able to change them selfs so thats why they try to take your motivation and fire away to make you stay where you are comfortable and likeable today.
be that one

The perfect flower bouquette

Good Morning Everybody!

I’ve just finished editing this macro picture of a flower i shot at a show the other day.
I thought i share it here with you.
May you all have a nice day!
I was listening to the new Sting album that you can find below while editing, in the morning i always feel like i need strong and driving music to get myself running.

Take care everybody and see you later!