Paris Old City, New Life, you got to be a part of.

The blogger Broke Saward has created this great list of places that you have to see when you are in paris, that are absolutely a must to go.
Additionally you can see the wonderful atmosphere of paris and paris cousine here, in House Hunters International, Best of Paris or here at, Paris – Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations.


While walking about this town of Paris Old City, you may notice that paris can be very loud. i knew that before, so i curated a playlist for my listening pleasures and to get into the perfect mood for my free day in paris. my playlist consisted of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, this album of Grace porter is just so smooth to listen into that right away all the noise around you will be gone and you will be left with only good loving feeling. Or if you are more one of the harder types you should definitely check out one of the best underground Hip Hop Crews of paris, Assassin.
These two bands will totally provide you with the best soundtrack to paris that you can have.

This shot was taken with my iphone 6, cuz of lack of a propper camera. and Hipstamatic totally, did a great job helping me to take it.


I’ve later edited it with VSCO CAM, with it’s filters and geometrical tools it is the perfect tool to have when you want to edit cityscape pictures. and straighten out some of the houses.

This post now has become alot longer than what i was expecting it to be in the first place. i wish you all a happy sunday. mine will be very laid back with somemovies and a long long breakfast with also very good coffee dreaming about Paris

See you all soon, and enjoy your day!

Paris Louvre Great Entry Door Snap

Yesterday i had some time off in paris.
Unfortunately i only had my iphone with me and not my canon 5d.
but due to the incredible things that you can do with modern day apps and a small piece of plastic and alluminium you can create great things on the go.

I’ve used Hipstamatic for taking the picture.
it has many tools that make sure your pics will always look great and appealing.

And then ive taken Pixelmator – Pixelmator Team to make some of the edits that i need to make to turn it out like this.

If you consider getting Pixelmator, which i highly recommend because its a very powerful tool and often does the work for me that photoshop usually does, i have many tutorials about how to use Pixelmator, here and on my youtube channel.

take care and may you have an awesome day too!