New Tracking System in Pokemon GO Update explained.

Tracking System Feature in Pokemon GO Update 1.0.3, all the kinks and insights from the currently san francisco only beta.


hello friends and fellow Pokemon GO trainers.

as of todays knowledge the update with the new revamped “Nearby Tracking System” of Pokemon GO appears to be exclusively to people living in the san francisco area. Not even if you travel there, you will be able to use the feature yet. so as long as it is in the beta state, developer  Niantic Labs, is keeping it exclusive to residents of san francisco.

We think this is a very sad state we are in currently, but let us know in the comments if we are alone with this opinion or if you think the devy should take their time to make the update perfect and you can wait the time that will take.

Let us know. Peace Out!

And here is the Video