Pokemon Go latest tips and tricks

Pokemon Go latest tips and tricks


The desire to become the best pokemon go player in the world is high, we know that all too well! that’s why we provide you with the latest tips and trick to pokemon go 2 times a day. so that you never miss out on the best and most powerful tipps and tricks that are available for the game.

today update will give you information about the following topics

  • how to handle pokestops better when passing by
  • how to save your battery life while making it easier to catch pokemon at the same time
  • how you can safe battery life and also reduce your data consumption

so lets get right in. we have a list to read for you as well as we have found a video that covers the topics. for those of you who dont like reading too much!



Dont have to click on all the pokestops that you see!

you dont need to click on the pokestops all the time when you are passing by all you have to do ist press the x when the poke stop has fully evolved on your screen to get all the items that the stop holds.

also when you pass a stop with a bus or when you are a passenger in a car. you can preload the pokestop once you are close enough to it and it will preload all the items it holds, this should ensure that the items will be available and you dont have to slow down once you’re closer to the stop. then just click the x and farm the items right off of it.

Saving Battery live significantly

the ar mode was always the must go to feature when pokemon go came out, everybody loved the feature because it made the pokemon appear in the real world. and yes it indeed looks cool and give the game a certin flair. on the other hand however the augmented reality feature takes a lot of processing power to display the 3d models correctly on the screen for you. and processing power = battery life. so when you just press the little slider at the top of the screen you can turn the ar mode off and on. this will provide your phone with lots and lots of power.

another neat trick that comes with turning off the ar mode is, that pokemon which would be much harder to catch like those late high level ones, appear smaller on the screen when in ar mode. if you now turn off the ar mode and turn it on again, to then turn it off a second time, you will notice that the pokemon has come much closer to you then where it has been before that.

so win win situation guys! you catch pokemon easier, and you also can catch more of them because you have more battery…


Reducing your Data Rate consumption

pokemon go is powered by Google Maps  engine in the background which means that all the data of how the streets look and the spots where those fine pokemon are hiding, is run on googles programming voodoo.

so when ever you move alittle bit the pokemon go app requests new data from the servers of google. Like how does the area look ahead of me, what kind of streets or spots are upahead, all such things will be requested from the google servers all the time.

so when ever your phone needs this information it will ask googles servers, “hey whats ahead?” and google will tell this to your phone, and it will tell it alot of this. adn when ever your phone recives this data it basically downloads it from the internet. this will cause your data rate to gown down rapidly.

a neat little trick is to download google maps when you are at home on your wifi. you can download it right here.

install google maps, open it. and go to the settings tab. here you can click on the button that says offline maps.

this will give you the option of defining the area that you are most located in during your day, and therefore will also be the area that you will hunt for pokemon.

google maps will then download the maps to your phone and from there on this data will stay on your phone.

Be also sure to check the boxes in the settings that offline maps will only be updated while you are on wifi. from this point on pokemon go will request this data that now is saved on your phone and wont download it again from the server. what will effectively also safe battery life and data rate.


And if for some reason your battery life is not enogh for all your pokemon hunting.

we will soon have a test of the best powerbanks for your phone and also will explain the stats and why some power banks are better then others.

Our recommended powerbank for every phone and every player that wants to hunt all night is this one.

Just think about it, it fully charges in 2 hours and will have enough capacity that your phone can be charged two times. but not only your phone, also your Camera, your iPad Air, your GoPro HERO4 Silver if you want to stream and whatever else you can come up with.

Hope you enjoyed theese tricks!