Pokemon GO Tips Tricks Cheats that still work after the Update

Pokemon Go is truely a phenomenon in it self. With its massively expanding user base, all the new knowledge that is gathered daily, new tools that pop up hourly, and scammers who try to get your hard earned money. we try to provide you with the newest tips tricks and barely legal cheats to stand strong against all the people that want to get close to your precious pokemon collection.



If you have not downloaded the game yet, you can get it here for your iphone.


See All the news about the brand new Nearby Tracker in this Video here.







General hacks that still work after the update.






How to use the new nearby tracker to find the rarest Pokèmon yet, The Venusaur!






Get all the information about all the new Pokemons that came with the update.

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olympic games 2016 – Highlight reel must see

The Official Olympics youtube channel responsible for the video content of the olympic games 2016.
Just shared a video of the past Opening ceremonys back to the earls 1900s. in a time when opening ceremonys get bigger and bigger day by day, i think it is a very bold move of them to show us the history of the ways that the mother of all opening ceremonys have been going.




With every new olympic games ceremony the benchmark was raised to new extremes, and it never fell short of raising that bar again and again every time. congratulations to the team that worked on the ceremony 2016, they did a great job!

My profession makes me want to watch those highlights every year, i even rewatch parts of it when ever possible and i cant currently await the moment that they will be releasing the video of this ceremony again.


I cant tell you which I’ve liked the most about this year. the lighting installation, the theatrical drama that the brazilian team had installed to make it a compelling show all in all. or even the massive fireworks they came up with.


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Now go ahead and enjoy the Video!