MA 3D Scaler Object Library

A friend in need asked about how you can make accurate measurements in MA Lighting’s 3D Software (MA Download). This scaling Object Helped him, thought its good enough to share it… :D   Feel free to download it Helpers_andi.gmamedia.   installation: Make your windows display hidden files in the explorer. Then go to this location […]

Band Design Preview

A Band contacted me for making a Stage Design for their upcoming Festival Tour. This is one of the First Shots that made it to the Clients Ideas, after some nights of trial and error Lighting Design. Will be looking forward to see this Rig Hanging at some Shows.   Tools that supported me, Stage […]

Neue Highpoly Lampen Modelle zur Bibliothek hinzugefügt.

Neues tut sich in der Highpoly Library von Schindler Lichtdesign. Wir haben unseren Katalog um 4 neue Modelle, Mac 3 Profil/Performance und Mac 3 AirFX Quadarray,  erweitert. Die Modelle im .3ds Format, liegen in 2 Qualität Stufen vor. Somit sind schnelle Renderings mit sehr präzisen Ergebnissen gegeben, oder wenn es mal genau passen muss aber […]